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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brief Biography of British Officer Who Served During the Battle of Pelham on October 18, 1776

Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting provides the text of a brief biography of a British military officer who served during the Battle of Pelham on October 18, 1776. A citation to the source appears immediately below the quoted material.


In 1770 this officer was appointed to an Ensigncy in the 12th foot, with which regiment he served at Gibraltar, and in 1776 received a Lieutenancy. He served at this period, by permission, as Lieutenant in the light infantry company of the 23rd foot in America, and was at the taking of Fort Washington, and in the actions of Pelham Manor, White Plains, Danbury Powder Mills, Brandywine, Germantown, &c, in the course of which he was twice wounded. During the two years he [Page 5 / Page 6] served in America, he was appointed Aid-de-Camp to Sir Henry Clinton, and to Early Percy. In 1780 he succeeded to a company in the 12th, and at the siege of Gibraltar covered the retreat of the sortie with the grenadiers and light infantry, and was thanked in orders for his conduct. He was appointed Major of the 76th in 1782; and Lieutenant-Colonel of the 72d in 1783 : he was reduced at the peace, but soon after purchased into the 34th, which he joined in America and remained there two years during which time he commanded at Quebec. In 1789 he went upon half-pay, and afterwards purchased into the 61st, from which he was removed to the 65th. The 1st of March, 1794, he was appointed Colonel by brevet; 3rd of May, 1796, Major-General; 25th of September, 1803, Lieutenant-General; and the 4th of June, 1813, General. He received the Colonelcy of the 12th foot, his present regiment, the 15th of October 1811."

Source: Philippart, John, ed., The Royal Military Calendar, or Army Service and Commission Book Containing The Services and Progress of Promotion of the Generals, Lieutenant-Generals, Major-Generals, Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Majors of the Army, According to Seniority: with Details of the Principal Military Events of the Last Century, Third Edition in Five Volumes, Vol. III, pp. 5-6 (London: A. J. Valpy, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, 1820).

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