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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More on the Work of the Pelham Manor Protective Club in 1884

For the last several days I have been posting information about the work of the Pelham Manor Protective Club first established in 1881 as a "Vigilance Committee" to oversee the health and welfare of Pelham Manor residents a decade before the incorporation of the Village of Pelham Manor.

Today's posting transcribes a brief reference to the work of the Club in preventing hunters from bagging game out of season in Pelham Manor.  The article is transcribed in its entirety because it contains other interesting information about Pelham and City Island.


--Pelham Manor and Larchmont are the two tony summer resorts between New York and New Haven. 

--Now that the Park Bill is law, and a large portion of the little town of Pelham is included within the limit, what is to become of the balance is the question.

--It would be well for some of the sportsmen of Pelham and Westchester to discontinue the shooting of woodcock until after the 1st of August.

--The very valuable horse belonging to Mr. David Carll died very unexpectedly Wednesday.  The animal appeared to be in perfect health and had been driven by the owner shortly before it died.

--Why should not the County of Westchester help to maintain and support the City Island Bridge, as well as some of the bridges in the upper towns of the County.  It is a heavy burden for the little town of Pelham, and flavors of a little unfairness somewhere.

--The Pelham Manor Protective Club is doing good work in the way of preventing the killing of woodcock and other game out of season, protecting from the heartless sportsmen the killing of song and other harmless birds, also preventing the pasturing of cattle, etc., upon the highway.

--Messrs. Jenkins and Cameron will sell on Monday, July 7, a number of valuable pieces of real estate, situated at City Island, the property of Capt. Joshua Leviness.  Doubtless an opportunity will present itself upon this sale for those desirous to invest in real estate property.  See advertisement in another column.

--Choice building lots upon City Island will command a good price within a few years.  The new park and a number of other schemes now on foot, including the proposed rail road across to Yonkers, would make the place central and add greatly to its many natural attractions.

--What is wanted is a ferry from City Island across to some point on Long Island.  At present it is a very inconvenient matter to cross to and from Long Island to Westchester County.  If a ferry was established at this point how soon would City Island bridge be a great thoroughfare.

--The body of Mrs. Heany, the lady who committed suicide by jumping from the steamer, C. H. Northam on the 23 inst, was found floating off City Island on Wednesday by Joshua Banta.  Coroner Tice held an inquest which resulted in verdict in accorance with the facts above stated.  The mother, brother and husband of the unfortunate lady and the companion who was with her when she threw herself overboard attended the inquest and took charge of the remains."

Source:  Pelham and City Island, New Rochelle Pioneer, Jul. ?, 1884, p. ?, col. 7 (date and page number were not included at the time on the newspaper page; believed to be July 1884 based on reference on the page that event will take place on Monday, July 7 which would place the date in 1884, likely shortly before July 7).

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