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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Even More Early References to Baseball Played in Pelham

I continue to locate even more references to early baseball played in Pelham.  Today's posting collects a couple of references published in 1886.  One contained in the Society column of The Evening Telegram [New York City] erroneously refers to the Country Club Giants (referenced in the item as the Country Club nine) as a cricket team.  The references are transcribed below, each followed by a citation to its source.

"SOCIETY . . . . .

Yesterday the Knickerbocker Club nine were to play the Country Club nine their third annual match of baseball for the challenge cup.  The Tantivy coach to Pelham has been doing fairly well, but the rush is over and seats can be had without much trouble.  Of course on Tuesday, what with the Paulding-Freeman wedding and the Tuxedo entertainment, the coach would have gone empty had not Mr. Roosevelt filled it with a large delegation of nurses and children, Mrs. Roosevelt being on the box seat."

Source:  Society, The Evening Telegram - New York, Jun. 5, 1886, p. 4, col. 6.

"SOCIETY . . . . . .

The cricket clubs have made great strides during the last few years, although the game has never been very popular in this country, and is justly claimed by Britishers as their own national hobby.  The defeat of the Country Club nine by the Rockaway Hunt Club, about a week since, by a score of 17 to 14, has caused some wry faces at Pelham and New Rochelle, where not a doubt was entertained of their success.  The Country Club is so unused to discouragement in any of its ventures or undertakings that it has yet to learn to bear defeat with equanimity."

Source:  Society, The Evening Telegram - New York, Jul. 17, 1886, p. 4, col. 6.


The Essex Club, of Orange, N.J., beat the Country Club nine last Saturday [July 9, 1886], at baseball.

Quite extensive alterations, and improvements have been and are being made, around the depot at Bartow.

Messrs. A. B. Wood & Son, are very busy constructing small yachts and row boats.  The latter is their specialty. 

There is probably no one on City Island, who is reaping a richer harvest now that the yachting season has set in, than Mr. Wm. Darling.  His reputation as a sail-maker is known all over the country, and yachtsmen come from far and near, to have sails made for their craft.

They are beginning to spin fish stories at City Island.  A few weeks ago quantities of large bass were being caught at Pelham Bridge, and now word comes that blue fish are being caught in great abundance in the bay.  Those old fishermen can spin good yarns, but you must not question them too closely. 

Grand concert at Gurney's Hall, Pelhamville to-night, under the management of Mrs. and Mr. I. C. Hill, for the benefit of the band.  The performers will include besides residents of Pelhamville, Mrs. Hatfield, Miss Logan, Prof. Praeger and Mr. Lamb, of Mt. Vernon.  Misses Patterson and Metz, of New Rochelle and Prof. Hunt, of Portchester.  The concert promises to be an exceptionally good one."

Source:  Pelham and City Island, Mount Vernon Chronicle [Mount Vernon, NY], Jul. 15, 1886, p. ?, col. 2 (the newspaper page has no date or page number, but contains a reference making certain that it was published on Friday, July 15, 1886).

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